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About Cishan
The old name of Cishan was :Sweet Potato Shed;.? It was said that there was an old women establishing a shed at the roadside to sell the paste of sweet potatoes, and also there was a place for travelers・ rest that a village was gathered over a long period of time, so named by it.? During the Japanese colonized times, in consideration of the ungraceful old name, Cishan was renamed according to the highest mountain :Mt. Chiwei; within the area.
The area of Cishan Town is 94.6122 square kilometers, with long and narrow terrain, most of which are hills and over 40,000 populations.

Important policies

We list many important policies and targets which are based on people・s needs and the budge quota of 2016:

(1)Engage in one-stop service which is based on customer orientation, and provide more multiple services to the people.

(2)Conduct the precaution and the investigation of the government Ethics, the search of public inquiry and the protection of departmental confidentiality and security..

(3)Strengthen the implementation of grassroots construction and landscaping, solve the problems of traffic and drainage, create multiple styles of urban and rural life and invigorate disaster precaution..

Discover Cishan

Jhongshan Old Street

Was established during 1920~1930 with the building of imitated Baroque architecture.? The design of stand face for street houses is complicated and resplendent. Most decorations on which are flowers and plants lines, and such totems as birds, animals and shells etc.? In addition, it displays the family・s name with Chinese characters. Due to connection of entire street houses, it shows elegant and gorgeous picture. Nowadays, the street demonstrates commercial circle in southern Taiwan where emerges a new vitality after re-planning.
Jhongshan Park@@@
Jhong Shan Park formerly was called :Gushan Park; and has been considered as one of Taiwan・s 12 resorts formerly. In the park, there are luxuriant trees with various amusements and ecologies, including such theme areas as sculpture park, sport park, children play area, Zaojyue Park, mountain surrounding pedestrian path and travel service center etc.? In addition, inside of the park there is the largest Confucian Temple of the Southeast Asia.

Mt. Jhongliao Leisure & Agriculture Area

Jhongliao locates at the higher place of Cishan, where we can overlook the terrain of Moon World of Tianliao, and look down at the plain and villages along the Gao Ping River, moreover, stand far apart facing with Large and Small Gang Mountains each other. In addition, there are important natural ecology as swamp and Ban Tian Pond. Local residents are engaged in agriculture that litchi, longan and ginger are main crops. Fukien-style San-Ho-Yuan, clay & brick-made house and red-roof house can be seen everywhere, and due to high altitude, beautiful sea of clouds can be viewed, and due to less light pollution, here is an excellent place to view stars. ?

Cishan Tianhou Temple
Tianhou Temple is the main temple of Cishan area, which was said to establish in the period of Emperor Jia Ching of Ching Dynasty.? The architectural character presents Fukien-style temple. The main hall enshrines and worships Mazu, the length of which is 68.5 inches and made by woodcarving, with mobile limbs.? Besides with history of several hundred years, it can be considered as the treasure of this Town. Nowadays it is one of the historic monuments.

Stone Arches Corridor
Stone Arches Corridor, also known as :Stone Arches Winding Corridor;, established in the Emperor Mei Ji of Japanese-colonized period and is the only stone architecture in Taiwan. The stone materials were adopted from the white sandstones produced in Mt. Ciwei; the surface treatment of each stone is to flat the contact face and to chisel the outside of which to be rough.? Two blocks of pillar besides of stone arches were piled by trapezium stones and the keystones at center are larger that is the special work of Renaissance.

Mt. Ciwei

Mt. Ciwei located at the end of Jade Mountain range, eastward is near the Meinong Plain, westward connects to the Nanzihsian River; to look the summit of the mountain, it・s protrusion presents saw teeth-like and its shape is like a waving flag, where is a popular scenic spot of climbing mountain. There are two entrance passes, one is eastern pass of Baojhong Yimin Temple, and the other is western pass of the road along mountain of Nanzihsian River.? Two crest lines for vertical walking are included, one is near the Red Dragonfly Villa, and the other one is behind the riverside park of Cishan Bridge.?

Wulong Fongsan Temple
Established in the period of Emperor Jia Ching of Ching Dynasty; divided into five halls with brilliant solemn decorations and prosperous pilgrims.? In front of the temple, there is a Jigong Buddha statute of 61.5 feet; his feet step on the cloud of 3-feet height, and the height of its cave is 14.5 feet, total 79 feet.? Inside of which, there are 7-floor spiral stairs and each floor has a window to overlook surrounding scenery at a glance.

Characteristics of agriculture
Within Cishan, most are hills, where the Nanzihsian River goes through. Due to climate and the quality of soil, the bananas produced here are sweet and fragrant, therefore, Cishan has the fame of :Banana Kingdom;, of course banana is the largest amount of fruit produced here; as for the papaya, :Hong Jing Guo; is its self-created brand and verified by Council for Agricultural Planning & Development. And the ginger produced in Jhongliao features by old without fibers.? Other fruits as longan, litchi and coconut are agricultural products of special characteristics.

Travel Info
Months for production of agricultural products
Banana: April ~ June
Papaya: April ~ June
Litchi: June
Longan : July
Coconut : July ~ September
Ginger: December ~ February

Local Snacks

Kuo・s Dangui Duck
Duck Egg Fried
Yi-fang Snack Bar
Steamed cake, bean curd dumplings, preserved bean curd
Rice-noodle with pig tongue
Wu・s Pork balls
Pork bun & Steamed bread
Ki A Peng Sian
Grandma Niu・s Fried Rice-noodles
Cishan Taro Ice
Pingdong Pork Balls
Cishan Sugar Factory

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